Drop.io Releases Present.io For Doing Real-Time Web-Based Presentations

Drop.io has been very busy lately, and its latest release is designed for web collaborations. Present.io uses drop.io’s real-time XMPP media sharing foundation in order to provide real-time, web-based presentations in a very simple interface and process.

What makes this so simple? No downloads, no installations. Just sign on, invite others to join you, and you’re all set to go. Drop.io will give you a custom URL where you can select “presentation mode” in order to get started. As the presenter, you’ll be able to run your presentation as with most other web demo products.

Some of the key features of the new present.io include the ability to open media files, which will open for all participants. This works for all media files. Opening a document and doing any action with it will be viewable by all participants as well. This particular feature is powered by Scribd’s iPaper. Other participants that aren’t presenters won’t see your control buttons and theirs will be removed from their drop.io screen as well.

But the true benefit of present.io is the ability to get started in just a couple of clicks. Nearly all the actions you can do with present.io are accomplished in a couple of clicks. The real-time collaboration capabilities of present.io are quite handy and pretty slick as well.

The new present.io really builds on the collaboration tools that drop.io has been releasing over the past few months. Earlier this year drop.io released real-time file sharing capabilities, which could be considered a precursor for the current present.io. Add this to the other features for podcasting, playlist creation and consumption, among the other basic drop.io features, and it’s clear that the company is really looking to build out its functionality for business and professional use.

The most recent of drop.io’s feature releases seem to be more business-related, which indicates a rather specific direction for drop.io. Real-time collaboration is quite useful in the business world, and present.io seems rather focused on the media-sharing and document-viewing features specific to the new present.io. As I mentioned in previous coverage of drop.io the company is really seeking growth through the developer community, and a focus on business apps from its own product releases indicates a dedicated approach to building up in order to compete against others such as Basecamp.

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