Presentation Shows Facebook Ad Product Roadmap: Page Metrics, Real Time Ads, No Banners

A document accidentally revealed by a Facebook advertising partner in Poland provides new details on the company’s ad product roadmap.

The presentation shows it is planning to upgrade its Insights tool to allow Page owners to “track impressions and interactions against each post.” This will help Page owners more easily test and measure what sort of posts get the most response from fans, something they can’t easily do now without third party tools.

Another advertising feature is what appears to be a new way to target ads based on “real time.” Assuming this presentation is accurate, perhaps the feature is a way to target ads to people who have recently published status updates or other information? We don’t know exactly what this means, other than that it appears to be another targeting option, along with location, demographics, etc. Facebook isn’t commenting.

Finally, the presentation mentions that Facebook’s Microsoft-run banner ads are ending this quarter. From what Facebook has previously said, the statement appears to refer to Europe and other markets; banners are already gone in the United Kingdom, for example. Our understanding is that the US deal between Facebook and Microsoft is still on.