Preparing for That Assistant’s Glory


Here’s a good little thing that’s been making the rounds: “How to Find a Design Job While Being Young, Naive, and Full of Hope.” If you’re a youngster in school, getting ready to head out here to where people like us have somehow been able to fight our way up a few hills and stay there, you’re apt to read nothing short of ten million of these kinds of bits of advice (in any field, really). But this one is actually pretty straightforward and has some nice advice. One that hit a memory in this writer’s brain was not to round out your portfolio. We won’t reveal that he once had a reel that had a couple of good spots and short films on it which was then followed by something called “Misc. Footage” which is just as stupid as it sounds. Luckily, before too many eyes had seen it, a very wise person asked him, “What in the hell is that ‘misc. footage’ part? It’s stupid and you’re clearly just trying to fill time.” Ah, youth.