Preparing for an Ingrid Sischy-less Interview

interview liz.jpgIngrid Sischy and Jeff Koons walk into a supermarket. It sounds like the first line of a joke but was in fact the delicious premise of one of the most illuminating articles ever written about the artist. As Sischy cleverly (and subtly) proved, one can learn more from Koons’ tender musings on grilled cheese sandwiches than from his chipper yet vague reflections on his art. And so we’ll miss Sischy’s cultured, ever-curious, interdisciplinary voice at the editorial helm of Interview, surely the only magazine that, in 2007 no less, could pull off an entire issue devoted to Elizabeth Taylor.

Late last week, after a back and forth of speculation and denial, Sischy confirmed that she has left Interview, which she edited for 18 years, now that publisher Sandra Brant, is selling her 50% stake in the publishing company to her ex-husband Peter. Sischy said in a release:

When I was first drafted as editor after Andy Warhol‘s death I thought I’d stay a few years, devote myself to helping the magazine find its post-Warhol life, and then get back to my writing. Although leaving the magazine and wonderful staff behind is difficult, it is the right decision and one that will allow the new owners to establish their own editorial stamp on the magazine. I am now more than ever, eager to get back to my writing and have several big projects in front of me that need my attention.

Stepping at at Brant Publications will be Glenn O’Brien and Fabien Baron (who has clearly invented some sort of time-stopping device that enables his ultra-productivity). According to an item in Friday’s WWD, the pair will serve as co-editorial directors of all three of the company’s publications: Interview, Art in America, and The Magazine Antiques. Meanwhile, we can’t wait to see what Sischy does next.