Prepare Yourself for the Facebook Terrorists!

We’ve covered extensively how Facebook has been impacting the global political landscape and much of what we’ve discussed has been about the spreading of democracy. Now for the first time, it appears that Islamic terrorists are preparing to spread Jihad through the largest global social network. In a post entitled “Invading Facebook: Theory and Practice”, Umar Abd al-Hakim of Syria covers how Facebook can be used to spread Jihadi media to the masses.

The information will be spread via false identities and is a response to the recent closure of large Jihadi forums. According to Umar, the Jihadists have already been extremely successful on YouTube. It appears that although they consider Obama a “house slave”, they have been clearly inspired by him and other politicians and would like to duplicate their successes.

Ultimately the article is calling on all Jihadists to join Facebook and participate and interact with other Muslims in particular. The plan is relatively well organized in that it is broken out into multiple multiple brigades which will spread various information through Facebook. One group will spread articles and audio, another will distribute training material, and there are other brigades for spreading English statements.

While it may not be the best approach, I could see this turning into a potential revenue stream for Facebook. How do they make money from Jihadists? Well they could charge a fee to the Department of Defense or other organization such as Homeland Security for developing efficient algorithms which target these individuals. Who knows the people on Facebook better than Facebook right?

Image of Taliban fighters from The Strata-Sphere