Premiere “Power List” is out (of control?)

Once again, CAA‘s Richard Lovett proves he’s worth the $17 million he takes home every year: The Power List is out, and as Tom Tapp notes, Lovett has jumped from No. 13 to No. 7. lamb-chops.jpg

We don’t mean to be spoil-sports, but this list is utterly absurd, and Hollywood deserves all the angst it gets from it, because it willingly participates in it.

We also don’t mean to disparage the reporting that goes into it. Indeed, writers like Premiere’s Tim Swanson and Tom Tapp are most able reporters and gifted writers. But come on already. Steve Jobs (#1)? Tom Cruise (#13)? Ron Meyer (# whatever-he-is)? These folks have professions that are so totally disparate, they have no business being ranked together — anymore than tangerines (#4 on my Fruit Power List) should be ranked higher than lamb chops (#6 on my Chops List) or creamed spinach (For the sixth year in a row, an uncontested #1 on my Creamed Vegetable Side Dishes List.) In short, they just don’t belong in one big dogpile of a list. spinach.jpg

Here’s a thought for Hollywood’s publicists: Take back what little power you have and refuse participate in any power list. Any list at all, for that matter. Why? Because list-making is a “Rain Man” like obsession that’s spreading all over the entertainment press that’s taking the place of long-form journalism – something this town sorely needs.