Premature E-Jubilation?

Although the original numbers on Sunday morning’s ABC GOP debate leaked to online outlets suggested that the debate placed #1 in the national 25-54 demo, we’re now hearing that, well, not so much.

National Nielsen numbers are in and ABC placed third in the demo.


In other cable news…

  • Inside Cable News spots Joe Biden on FNC this morning and says, “Boycott? What Boycott?” “Looks like Joe Biden didn’t get the MoveOn memo…”

  • MSNBC’s AFL-CIO debate scored the lowest ratings so far in the 2008 campaign for a presidential debate.

  • Also (and we’re getting to this late…): In a move that will certainly get the “vast right conspiracy” folks scratching their heads, it’s interesting to note that, of all the cable news outlets, guess which one paid the least attention to the Hillary “cleavage” story? Fox News. Said John Gibson at the time: “Why did they decide it was ok to write about hillary clinton’s cleavage? What were they thinking? This woman could be the next president of the united states….In fact, a brand new poll said that 63% of voters said they think she will be. Why would the “Washington Post” be talking about her cleavage? ….We didn’t think discussing a female candidate’s private areas appropriate.”