Pregnancy Test Creator e.p.t. Celebrates a Different Kind of ‘Labor’ Day

e.p.t, creator of the home pregnancy test, is putting a baby-centric spin on the upcoming holiday by taking advantage of the dual meaning of the word “labor” with their #MyLaborDay contest.

The promotion, geared toward celebrating women engaged in the ultimate labor of love, is Twitter-based. By tweeting the announcement of their families’ new additions (and a photo) @ept with the hashtag #MyLaborDay, new moms will be automatically entered to win one of five $500 “push presents.”

Considering the fact that late summer usually boasts particularly high birth rates, coupled with the timing of the aptly named holiday, we’re honestly a little surprised more pregnancy/baby brands haven’t used this clever spin.

“Not only is Labor Day right around the corner, but so are the due dates of thousands of women across the country,” said Lauren Schulz, e.p.t. Brand Manager at Insight Pharmaceuticals in a release. “This campaign is our way of saluting those women who are laboring all day to give birth to their own bundle of joy.”

We don’t know about you, but after thinking about all the women who endure the pain of labor to bring new life into the world, our whole “we totally deserve this long weekend — we’ve been working so hard” thing seems just a tad less justifiable…