Preggie: a new social app for future moms


Preggie is a social app especially tailored towards expectant mothers – not because they are inundating your Pinterest stream with nursery DIY ideas, but because the niche market can be a fertile ground for great information from peers.

Now, when women find out about their pregnancy, they can find a group of like-minded ladies to discuss relevant and irrelevant topics outside of Facebook. The app creates your profile with your expected delivery date. From there, you can find local ladies who are also expecting. Of course you can nurture friendships with digital moms, but local moms can also use the app to have real-world chats.  However, given the early stage of the app, it’s not likely you’ll find many users:

Preggie makes it easy for pregnant women to get socialized and discuss all pregnancy and babies issues. The  App takes a completely unique approach: it links the user with hundreds of girls in her local  area so that they have a lot to share. It is based on the-same-pregnancy-stage principle,  which means letting the user read posts of women who are at the same week in their  pregnancy. Unlike other social networks, there are no entrance barriers: once you install  the application, you are surrounded by girls who want to communicate.

Monetization for Preggie is going to be painless since mothers are heavily targeted by advertisers wishing to sell baby products, not to mention the fact that Preggie will have an audience for selling baby-related products.

One natural occurrence is the app’s longevity with each user. As women go from pregnancy to motherhood, the app’s function could wane, but that’s not necessarily a big deterrent. There’s a huge market for babies on the planet and pregnancies occur far more often than weddings.

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