Prefabulous Way to Get a Custom-Built Home

prefabulous_book_cvr_sm.jpg The words prefabricated homes don’t exactly light a fire in most prospective homeowners’ minds, but wait until you see this new book: Prefabulous: The house of your dreams, delivered fresh from the factory. Author Sheri Koones has page after page of stunning houses that are nothing like the Lustrons, the 1950s-era prefab metal homes. No, the residences in Koones’ book appear normal, like they’d fit right into the neigborhood. Koones write about Villa Kaki, designed by John D. Jarrard, in Little Rock, AR, could be in Italy with its distinctive downspouts, chimneys, shutters, roofs, windows and balconies. What appears to be stucco is actually structural insulated panels. Can you imagine? From the looks of the photo all that’s missing is the glistening waters of the Mediterranean in the distance.