Preevioo Launches Photo Messaging App on iOS

Preevioo allows users to cover parts of their images, with the full photos revealed once requirements have been fulfilled.

Preevioo has released its photo messaging app on iOS in North America, allowing users to control the way their friends receive and interact with their pictures. The app lets users cover pictures with emoticons, shapes and other objects, as well as set requirements which determine when the full image will be revealed to its recipient(s).

Users can take pictures within Preevioo or import images from their camera roll. From there, users can add a variety of emoticons, shapes and text bubbles to the image to cover up specific parts. As examples, users may cover a person’s face, or hide the object in a person’s hand. Objects can be dragged and resized to fit the space. Users can also ‘finger paint’ on the image to cover specific areas.

Once the picture has been covered, users can specify the conditions for revealing the full image. Users can set a timer that must expire before friends can view the image, or can require a certain number of friends to ‘like’ the photo before it’s revealed. Users can also limit the length of the photo’s complete exposure, so the entire picture is viewable, but for a limited time.

Outside of sharing actual pictures, Preevioo also allows users to share text ‘photos’ with friends. To be specific, users can type messages up to 180 characters in length, and can hide specific words just as they hide portions of a regular photo. Users can comment on images after they’ve been received.

In a statement, Emmanuel Grinspan, CEO and co-founder of Preevioo, commented:

With the launch of Preevioo, we are taking photo messaging a step further and empowering others to create more stories with each image. By offering an interactive way to build a narrative, joke and tease moments as well as add context to those special photos, we are doing what has never been done—emphasizing the importance of delivering photos as much as the photos themselves.

Preevioo is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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