Predictions for the Near to Immediate Future


Our pals over at PSFK sent us an e-mail late yesterday letting us know about a nifty little project they’ve got going over the next couple of weeks. They’re asking their readers to post on YouTube about expected trends for 2007. Any trends, in any industry, anywhere. But, because their readership is likely similar to our readership, you’ve gotta figure it’ll be a lot of interesting topics about design, advertising, and, of course, what hairstyle this writer will be sporting in the coming year (he’s thinking of going with “a Rachel”):

Over the next couple weeks, we will be asking our readers to record themselves telling us “One thing they think will be big in 2007 and why they are excited about it” and then uploading the footage to YouTube.

We’re hoping to get submissions from people of all backgrounds and from every corner of world. It’s not a popularity contest, so don’t feel pressured to talk about what everyone else is doing (or will be doing); we just want to know what people are excited about for the coming months. It could be anything, but probably the first thing that springs to mind.