Predicting Personality Quirks Can Help With the Job Search

We all fall into habits that fit our own personality, but when looking for a new job, those quirks can hurt the search.
By predicting those bad habits – and assuring they don’t arise during the hunt – the search can move smoother, says Ilona Vanderwoude, a “career designer” and founder of Career Branches.
In a blog post, she explains how people need to predict certain personality quirks to help with the search. So if you’re rude to waiters, you should make a concerted effort to show patience with the receptionist at the office you’re interviewing at (and learn to be nicer to waiters). Or if you like to outsource many tasks outside the office, be careful about simply outsourcing your job search.
One interesting point she brings up regards people who tend to “stick with what works.” Vanderwoude writes:

“Are you someone who keeps buying the same brand products forever, who goes to the same vacation place year after year…listen up: the past few years have seen more changes in the arena of recruitment, hiring, and job searching than in the all the years prior since the introduction of the electronic typewriter.
So if you got some great career management advice in the 90s or even the early 2000s that made sense to you and that worked back then; realize that what ain’t updated may very well cost you opportunities today.

It’s true, there are so many more tools out there to help with the search and easier ways to network on large scales. If you’re not taking advantage of them, you should.
But there’s nothing wrong chatting with a recruiter over coffee either.