How Much Impact Did Pre-Release Buzz Really Have?

All the Bono in the world hasn’t stopped the “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” spoofing. The revamped musical still opened with mediocre-to-negative reviews, such as one from the New York Times that called the show “a bore.” So just when Neil Patrick Harris thought he’d have to end the Spider-Man jokes with a final 30-second burst at the Tonys, we have the clip from Conan above.

One big opening that may have been saved by a final PR push was for the film Super 8. Or was it?

There had been concern that the film wasn’t generating enough positive pre-release buzz. But Ad Age confirms that the movie, which was last weekend’s number one, did, in fact, get lots of attention. But also, it was a good movie.

This week, the Green Lantern opens and despite both Ryan Reynolds and Peter Sarsgaard, it looks like a big stinker. But, there are already product tie-ins under way, like one with Lipton and Doritos that will earn participants prizes and tries to drive traffic to Facebook and Twitter pages.

So how much impact does pre-release buzz like this really have? The comments section is open.