Pre-Party, Part I

So who would have that thought that Newsweek stole the pre-party thunder?

Outside protesters jeered the White House press for compromising national security and a giant baby teased “crybaby” David Gregory. Beyond the red carpet arrivals, populated by anxious folks awaiting their Bold Face guests, Secret Service, and tourists who happened to stumble upon the lobby during an interesting night, the pre-parties awaited.

Upstairs on the patios, black tie guests crowded the area, sipped cocktails, and stole glimpses at Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Maureen Dowd, and the like. There was Ketel One for the Atlantic media crowd and lesser vodkas for everyone else.

Downstairs and inside, though, was the real action: Those lucky enough to stumble into the crowded ballroom where Newsweek was found themselves rubbing elbows with the true A-List: Madeline Albright, Henry Kissinger, and The Man of the Night George Clooney.

Stay tuned for photos.

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