Pre-order a Dell Inspiron Duo: Shipping December 17 (maybe)

If I had not just recently bought a MacBook Air, I would give Dell’s Inspiron Duo serious consideration for purchase. Oddly, perhaps, the whacky flip touch screen is not a selling point for me since I consider a Windows 7 based touch screen system nearly useless except for vertical market applications (inventory management, health care, etc.).

Dell Inspiron duo – A convertible unlike any other

Here’s what I like abou the $550 Inspiron Duo:

– 10.1-inch HD 1355×768 pixels display. Compare this to the typical netbook’s 1024×600 (or 576)
– Intel dual core Atom N550 1.5GHz process. Compare this to the typical netbook’s N270 or N450 single core processor
– 250GB hard drive (320GB option)
– The $550 price for a netbook with significant resources

There’s also the interesting $100 optional Audio Station (dock). If I were in the market for a nicely packaged netbook, Dell’s Inspiron Duo would rate a second serious look.