Prashant Modi on Restoring the Planet to Health

Businessman Prashant Modi is concerned with the current state of the environment. In the 1980s when environmentalists were warning people that the planet was in danger, they were either ignored or laughed at and labeled “tree-huggers.” Today it is clear that the world should have listened. With the planet in crisis, there are some clear reasons why consumers need to go green as well as some simple ways to do so.

Eight Important Reasons to Go Green:

  • Fresh food is pure fuel for the body and the planet. Eating more local and fresh foods is better for everyone. Locally grown (especially in your own back yard) impacts emissions by reducing transport of those foods to your supermarket and your table.
  • Recycling is a natural process. The planet does so, and so should you. It just makes sense to engage in the same practices as the planet.
  • Improve animal habitats: the smaller the human footprint on the planet, the more room there is for animal life to grow and thrive.
  • More Free Time: If you are consuming, traveling, and wasting less, then you free yourself up for leisure activities. Who doesn’t love to read the newspaper or a good mystery novel on the commuter train?
  • Survival. While this one should be obvious, humankind can be stubborn. It’s important to make small changes over time and gradually make bigger changes to leave a legacy of a clean sustainable planet for our children’s children.
  • For businesses, it reduces operating expenses and waste. It can also create a sense of community within the office if people share a goal for the common good and support one another.
  • Recycling can be a fun family activity. Teaching your children about the importance of taking care of the planet, along with the tasks of doing so, is great family bonding time. Repurposing items can be a fun way to be creative with your children as well.
  • Shopping at thrift stores can save you money. Money always talks, and in today’s tight economy, donating to and shopping at second-hand stores is environmentally and economically smart.

Eight Easy Ways to Go Green:

  • Recycle: Recycling programs are widespread and available in most communities and neighborhoods. It’s easy to put containers around your desk and in your kitchen specifically for recyclables, and most communities have programs that will pick it up monthly or bi-weekly for free.
  • Turn off the lights. Unplug appliances that aren’t in use. Don’t walk away from a television without turning it off! Likewise, switch to energy efficient light bulbs in lieu of the old incandescent light bulbs. Australia did so, and cut 4 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2012.
  • Support food recovery programs. An astounding one-third of all food, or 1.3 billion tons, gets wasted worldwide each year. Stores and restaurants routinely throw out unused food. Food recovery programs are popping up to recover that food and get it to the hungry. Support one of these programs in your neighborhood.
  • Minimize car miles. There are a few ways to accomplish this. Buy a bike and ride it when you can. Share rides with co-workers or friends. Join a ride share group in your community. Take public transportation. The impact on emissions is worth the minor inconvenience.
  • Plant a garden. Start small with a small box for tomatoes or some other vegetable you know you’ll use. You’ll save money, eat better, and be contributing to the replenishment of oxygen in the air. If you have a yard, plant a tree.
  • Forego bottled water. Public water systems are quite safe, and you’re not convinced, but an inexpensive filter system for your tap. The result is just as clean as that found in a plastic bottle. While those bottles are made of highly recyclable materials, over 75 percent are thrown in landfills anyways. Make the switch to a reusable sports bottle and make a big difference for the environment.  Speaking of water, don’t forget to turn it off when not in use and invest in water-saving appliances.
  • Pay attention to the thermostat. There’s no need to run the heat all day when you’re at work. Invest in a programmable thermostat or simply turn yours down 10 degrees before you leave in the morning. The savings for you should be motivation enough, and a fringe benefit is that you’re helping the planet.
  • Pay your bills online. This keeps paper out of landfills. It also saves on emissions for the delivery of these items. Get your bills via email in paperless form as well. The process is easy, and most of check our email more often than our snail-mailboxes anyways.

While living a greener lifestyle can seem overwhelming at first, businessmen and corporations like Modi’s are in support of ongoing individual and corporate efforts to save the planet. Adopting these changes gradually can make a big difference over the long haul for this generation and many to come. For more tips, visit Going Green.


Prashant Modi has been Chief Operating Officer and President of Great Eastern Energy Corp since 2006. He and his company encourage citizens to live a greener lifestyle and support their efforts to do so. 

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