Prada Transformer Successfully Transforms into Film Festival

(Photos: Prada)

If you were growing concerned that Rem KoolhaasPrada Transformer would suffer at the hands of the economic collapse, resulting in it having to be renamed the Prada Just Sit There, you were foolish to worry. Following all the buzz from its opening back in April, the building has successfully undergone its first shift, moving from a place to exhibit Miuccia‘s skirts and into a screening hall where a two week film festival entitled “Flesh Mind and Spirit” started this past Saturday. Curated by director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and the NY Times‘ film critic, Elvis Mitchell, the festival will screen 14 wildly different films until July 9th, three times per day and all for free (if you’re in Seoul right now, here’s where you can get tickets). As for moving Koolhaas’ structure, Wallpaper has some terrific photos of the big move, which required a couple of cranes and (we’re hoping) some careful planning.