Prada and Koolhaas Get Together to Rebuild Hard Labor Fashion Camp


What happens when you get Prada together in the same room as Rem Koolhaas? ArtInfo has the info on their recent collaboration, a big update/redesign of the Prada Foundation’s headquarters, which already sort of looks something like a cross between a Soviet housing complex, a prison, and a midwestern factory of the future (Koolhaas’ plans bring out that look even more). We guess all of those things together equals fabulousness. Or maybe we just feel that way because the included image is rendered all in greys and is floating on an all-white background (though what sort of looks like a guard tower in the corner certainly doesn’t help anything — we’re guessing that’s where Miuccia‘s evil mind ray will be placed, maintaining fashionable order within the camp at all times). Here’s a bit:

An auditorium, a tower and an exhibition building will be added to the seven existing structures and courtyard, creating a total of 188,000 square feet of space for shows, including an innovative hybrid storage and display area.