PR Woman Had no Stomach for Hard News (or Frogs)

If there’s a name and face many D.C. journalists have dealt with over the years it’s Wendy Gordon, President and CEO of Hisaoka Communications. This week she’s featured as a particularly “awesome” Washingtonian of the Day on the Awesome D.C. website, a site obviously devoted to the most awesome among us (you may tire of the word by the end of this, but so be it, we bring you the awesome news, we don’t create it. And who wouldn’t want to be declared “awesome” for a day?)

Gordon, it turns out, was once on a path to become a journalist. But she was torn – actress, veterinarian, journalist. So many choices. She says she nearly passed out from the frog incident.

PR came by accident.

The site polls readers on Gordon’s awesomealiciousness (our word, not theirs). Seriously, two polls later – what else to call it?