PR Win: South by Southwest’s Tweeting ‘Community’ Bikes

In case you haven’t heard, the biggest names and soon-to-be names in tech will be at the upcoming South by Southwest Festival to show they public what they’re all about. The best related PR stunt we’ve heard of so far is Razorfish‘s tweeting bikes project. Here’s the deal: the digital marketing/design/PR/etc. agency bought 20 “community” bikes, each equipped with its own GPS and its own Twitter account.

Building 0n the #UseMeLeaveMe theme/tag, the agency’s social media team will give each bike its own personality and, with the help of the public, use these feeds to give attendees and other interested parties around the world a better sense of what’s going on at the festival. Razorfish plans to leave the bikes at events, encourage members of the public to ride them around the festival and, thanks to the magic of GPS, use the accounts to tweet about the weather, the food and, hopefully, the startups.

Most importantly, this is really all just a big promo stunt for Razorfish. It already got our attention.