PR Win: Restaurant Gives Discount for ‘Well-Behaved Kids’

Most viral restaurant stories concern customers, bosses and co-workers behaving very badly–but today Reddit has finally provided us with something to laugh about: a Washington State eatery gave one family a special discount for “well-behaved kids.”

As young, childless urbanites, we always assumed that the whole “terribly behaved kids who spill food everywhere, run around the dining area and refuse to shut the hell up” phenomenon was a modern-day big city phenomenon (or a Portlandia sketch that we haven’t seen yet). Color us corrected: young kids everywhere apparently have trouble being quiet and respectful in public settings!

The family involved in this story (with kids aged 2, 3 and 8) had eaten at Seattle-area Italian wine bar/ristorante Sogno di Vino “a handful of times”–but at the end of their most recent meal a server made a point of telling them that most of the staff “didn’t even notice the kids since they were so well-behaved” before giving them all a free bowl of ice cream and deducting $4 from their total. Here’s the receipt:

Now the mom behind the meme has responded to all the hype…

Here’s her blog post complete with tips for parents who’d love to get similar discounts for their own kids.

Get this: the reason her kids are so pleasant is that, as a former “front of house” restaurant employee, she’s gone to great lengths to teach them how to behave themselves while eating. This revelation supports our theory that everyone should be legally required to work in a service-industry job for at least six months in order to learn some basic “be nice to the people who feed you” manners.

We can’t all be Milford men…