PR Win: LEGO Sends Rare Train Set to Sad Young Boy

This, loyal readers, is the kind of positive PR that no campaign, no matter how interactive or innovative, can provide a brand. We somehow missed the story last week, but it remains every bit as adorable:

An 11-year old Massachusetts boy who happens to have Asperger Syndrome, loves train sets and describes himself as “your most loyal LEGO fan” wrote a letter to the LEGO company, telling them a sad tale of saving his allowances for two years so he could buy a limited-edition train set only to discover that it had been discontinued. He bought another model but it just wasn’t the same, so he asked the company’s customer service department whether they might happen to have an extra set hanging around corporate headquarters somewhere.

The company decided to respond in the coolest possible way. While we’re not sure that this move qualifies LEGO as “the BEST company in the world”, we can say without a doubt that this is what incredible customer service looks like. The company letter is excellent, and LEGO deserves all the positive PR:

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.