PR: Who’s Behind the Hype and Who Needs Help…

Reading yesterday’s New Republic piece about the formula that drives Politico got me thinking about the role of publicists in the success of a news-driven publication. TNR reports that Politico has three full-time publicists on staff – a fact that doesn’t surprise me a bit. A quick scan through my inbox is proof of this.

HuffPo is another PR machine. Thanks to Mario Ruiz, I know every time Arianna Huffington sneezes. Though the influx of Ruiz’s emails can sometimes be annoying, he has certainly succeeded in getting a few FBDC links in the two weeks Christine and I have been writing.

So, who is behind the Cap Hill hype and who needs some help?

CQ – I never write about them because I never hear about them. If it weren’t for their occasional TV appearances and parties, I’d forget they existed.

National Journal – Huh? Who?

Roll Call – Dittus Communications and active journos create Roll Call’s buzz.

The Hill – active journos and editors play dual roles with no dedicated PR resource.

Politico – three in-house publicists. The proof is in the publicity.

The Atlantic – The Rosen Group.