What’s the PR Value of an Emmy Award?

Here we present one of the very few memorable moments of the 2012 Emmy Awards, a ceremony that managed to be incredibly boring despite celebrating the work of some of America’s most talented entertainers.

We love this clip for several reasons. It’s always encouraging to watch a well-known actor practice the art of humility, and while we have great respect for Julia Louis-Dreyfus (and we did enjoy “Veep” at times), we have to agree that Amy Poehler just got robbed again. And this all begs the question: What’s an Emmy worth, anyway?

Everyone likes to receive official recognition for their work–especially when it happens in front of a group of their peers.

But the fact that Jon Cryer won best actor for “Two and a Half Men” and that “Modern Family” continues to dominate the comedy field despite being just another sitcom (that’s our opinion and we’re sticking to it!) makes it hard for us to take the Emmys seriously. And we wonder how important the awards really are to the people outside the auditorium. For example, we do hope that more curious viewers will tune in to “Homeland” after its big wins last night, but will those awards really make a difference in the ratings?

PR pros: What value do you place on awards like the Emmys as a representative? As a fan?

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