PR Tops Advertising & Journalism in Career Ranking

Public Relations Executive ranks higher as a career choice than Newscaster (#95), Advertising Account Executive (#105), and Newspaper Reporter (#184) in a ranking of 200 jobs compiled by CareerCast.

The rankings were compiled based using Department of Labor data fed through CareerCast’s complicated algorithm that measured physical and emotional risk and stress along with outlook and salary. Advertising and PR were very close in numbers, with PR winning on both salary and job outlook. Salary for PR Execs is listed as high as the #1 job (Actuary) at $89,000. Somehow, advertising is even less physically demanding than public relations.

Newspaper journalist comes in so low due to salary ($36,000) and “very poor” hiring outlook. Roustabout brought up the rear for the low pay, long hours, and extreme exertion and bodily risk associated with working on an oil rig or pipeline.

[h/t’s PR Daily]