‘PR Superstar: The Ultimate Toolkit for Writing Killer Press Releases’ is Today’s Free eBook

pr superstarPR Superstar is today’s free Kindle download and it is a wonderful asset for those working in media. The guide is a book written by PR veteran, Susan Haswell, who has spent her whole life working in sales and marketing for companies like National Express’ Central Trains, Cosmopolitan(TM) Lingerie, Jane Shilton… just to name a few.

 PR Superstar is for everyone who wants to capture the power of press release writing; swiftly and without waffle. From the small business owner to the newcomer in a large marketing or PRdepartment, PR Superstar is written with clarity, vision and insightful tips so that you can take your company to the media instantly, and with surprising results.

Based on the author’s 20+ years of experience in PR, sales and marketing, PR superstar is full of insider tips about how to approach and deal with the press and how to write in a way which gives your Press Release the best chance of being used.

From the excellent results of clients and delegates, Sue has distilled the essence of this expertise and training into a short easy-to-read book. The book is peppered with PR case-studies illustrating what works – and what doesn’t work, combined with a step-by-step toolkit that takes you through the actual thinking and writing processes of PR. A PR jargon-buster and a good helping of successfulpress releases, at-a-glance guides to the tools of PR and even a chapter on how to choose a PRagency, make this an indispensable asset for everyone who wants to make their marketing pound, dollar or euro work even harder! PR Superstar is a one-day journey to PR enlightenment.


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