PR Stunts: Disney Turns London Street into ‘8-Bit Lane’

Today in This Is Actually Kind of Cool News: Disney‘s latest film, Wreck-It-Ralph, takes place in a time when video game graphics weren’t quite so hyper-realistic. Those with a fondness for the pixelated, two-dimensional days of “Super Mario Brothers” and “The Legend of Zelda” will love the company’s latest PR stunt:

In order to promote the film, Disney enlisted artist Aden Hynes and creatives at London’s Truman Brewery to turn the town’s “infamous” Brick Lane into “8-Bit Lane” by filling the block with old-school Nintendo-style reproductions of everyday objects like clouds, pigeons and taxi cabs.

The company then promoted its efforts with a hashtag push and a free public tour of the block. Video after the jump.

That clip doesn’t reveal too much, but the project includes a Google Street View-style page which challenges users to find and click on every element of the scene (our favorite is the 8-bit dog and his digitized “accident”). Those who toured the site could also use the “augmented mobile reality” app Blippar to interact with the scene and turn it into a real-world video game.

That is what we call a well-designed campaign.