Breaking PR News: Sports Is a Dirty Business!

Yesterday Deadspin ran an fascinating interactive Q&A session with “Anonymous PR Guy,” a representative working the wild world of sports who already wrote a couple of telling posts about why lying is part of his job description and the frankly weird relationship between pro athletes and the many, many women who like to chase them for some unknown reason.
We found a few telling takeaways hidden between lots and lots of boring questions about Lebron James:

  • Anonymous doesn’t believe that “ALL PR is good PR,” and he coaches his clients to answer questions with inoffensive, “vanilla” statements rather than try to call attention to themselves.
  • He claims that he has arranged sex for clients more times than he’s had sex himself—he also claims that “90% of major pro sports players cheat” on their spouses.
  • He says he’s been called to bail clients out of jail “5-6 times.”
  • He calls his intimate knowledge of clients’ business “leverage in the greatest sense,” implying that a reputation for keeping secrets boosts his job security.
  • He says that “the majority” of sports-related charities are “fronts” through which athletes give money to their families.
  • He claims that reps very rarely interact with agents.
  • He doesn’t think too highly of Lance Armstrong.
  • In a bit of a shocker, he says that college and especially high school sports “are dirtier than pro sports, both from a money and a steroid-usage level.”

The questions were mostly softballs, but you may find a few gems (and a few explicitly TMI stories) in the thread.
So tell us, PR folks–whether you work in the sports sector or not: Do you agree with Anonymous PR Guy’s answers?
If you do represent any athletes, how does your experience compare with his? Do you think you could teach him how to do his job better?

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.