PR seppuku averted? Mucha mucho eager to fall on her sword

The Post made Fishbowl aware of something we’d nearly forgotten: How utterly different (and God, how much more dramatic!) flacks behave back in L.A. To wit:

Disney’s off-with-their-heads PR samurai Zenia Mucha has apparently gotten a leaked MS from Simon & Schuster of its upcoming Michael Eisner bio “Disney War” by James B. Stewart, which the studio – as it’s called in the trade – “participated in.” And she’s not happy. Because, evidently, Eisner and his heir by circumstance, Bob Iger, come off looking like the craven boobs they are. What did she expect? After Kim Masters’ book “The Keys to the Kingdom,” which was done without “participation” and made Eisner livid with embarrassment, Zenia thought it was a good idea to double dip? So because she’s apparently steered her bosses into Stewart’s lap for some interviews, she has now offered to resign. Eisner has refused to accept. It’s the “all my fault” shuffle they do in Hollywood. Back here, we’d offer her a vacant rest room and ask her not to make too big a mess.