PR Pro: Thinking Of Going Solo? Read These Tips

Charles Lauller, who works for a website building company and therefore has a reason to say PR pros should have good websites, nonetheless writes about the three things any PR pro should do before and during striking out on her own.

First off (we’re going out of order here): “Play Monopoly.” Own as much digital real estate as possible, and that includes, of course, But make sure (and this is the conflict of interest part we suppose) that website has some engaging content on it. Sure, he’s got a dog in the race, but “have good content” isn’t really controversial so we’ll let it slide.

He also says to “practice what you preach” which means to have a business web presence as slick as the ones you say your clients should have. Fair enough.

More controversially he suggests not meeting people for coffee for some oldschool networking.

“Unless you have an unlimited Starbucks budget for the ‘let’s meet for coffee so I can tell you what I’m up to meeting’ and one fat Rolodex, you may run out of contacts and/or coffee money quickly,” he writes. Instead, you should be networking online on Linkedin and Facebook and so on. “Projecting yourself as a thought leader in your space is critical as you’re essentially leveraging the power of the web to cast a larger net and connect with exponentially more people virtually in a day than you could in a week using traditional networking.”

We gotta disagree. Networking, whether you’re searching for a new job or seeking contacts to build your new solo business, is not a numbers game. One solid connection is better than a million Facebook “friends.”

And Lauller might take issue with that, but he’s more than welcome to come over and discuss it with us.

Over coffee.

photo: Refracted Moments(tm)