PR in 2008: Sports, Scandals, Drugs


(Roger Clemens, unlikely to file suit over his ‘roid use, or throw a broken bat at a PR person)

When we solicited New Year’s predictions and resolutions for 2008, a couple of PR people, and even one coach couldn’t help themselves and weighed in with predictions on their favorite teams, and what’s next in drug scandals. We’ll leave it to you to sort out Vegas odds:

The Patriots will lose before Isiah Thomas will be fired as both Coach and President of the Knicks

I’ll ask Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte for leftover HGH or Steroids to help me heal my torn rotator cuff and will be turned down

Clemens will make a lot of noise but not follow through about filing suit over his steroid use

Clemens will not throw a broken bat at me.

–Douglas Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions. You can find Simon’s vlog at

Oakland Raiders’ owner Al Davis resigns under doctor’s orders that rampant Alzheimer’s is no way to run a football team

San Francisco 49ers owners, the York family, are hanged in effigy, but somebody forgets meaning of word and brings real rope

San Francisco Giants, Golden State Warriors, and San Jose Sharks win their championships

Yoga becomes new national pastime as it is a lot cheaper and less painful than all others sports.

–Rob Gelphman, Chairmain, Marketing Work Group of MoCa (Multimedia over Coax Alliance)

The steroid scandals we’ve seen in baseball, track and cycling are the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, it is also likely that we’ll have scandals involving younger and younger athletes.

Kids model their idols and our younger generation is quite precocious and also capable of finding sources of steroids and performance enhancement substances.

–Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. Founder,