PR Guide For Pitching NYC Media Gossips: Never Call Keith Kelly After 5:30, Richard Johnson Wants ‘Naughty’

Animal New York has published one magazine’s extensive secret strategy guide to pitching New York’s media gossips — complete with e-mail addresses and phone numbers. It’s something of a PR Bible for pitching the city’s media elite, like Media Ink columnist Keith Kelly, for example:

Do no EVER call him at 5:30 to just shoot the breeze. That is when he is on deadline. It’s imperative that he receives story pitches before a regular story meeting at 12:30pm.

Or Page Six editor Richard Johnson:

If it takes more then 10 seconds to explain, forget it … One of his favorite items was one about a tattoo of former Secretary of State George Shultz. It must exclusive and either funny, naughty, odd, a second act or closely tied to the headline news of the day. Most of the items he runs involve either sex, money or violence.

Vol. 1, including Kelly, Johnson, Poster Tim Arango, Daily News‘ Lowdowner Lloyd Grove, Mediaweek’s Lisa Granatstein, AdAge’s Claire Atkinson, Good Morning America’s Mark Bracco, the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz and more, here.

PR BIBLE for the Plebs [Animal NY]