PR Firm Removes References to Style Weekly Controversy

Support continues to build for Chris Dovi, the reporter who was fired from the Richmond alt publication Style Weekly for an insensitive email accidentally sent to local PR firm Goldman & Associates.

Goldman published Dovi’s email and comment from their client on their blog, and the resulting comments (mostly in support of Dovi). The firm removed all of it a day later. In addition to a “Rehire Chris Dovi @ Style Weekly” Facebook Fan page, the cache of the post and comment thread have been found and posted elsewhere.

Goldman President Dean S. Goldman told PRNewser why the firm no longer wants to play host to the controversy it initially ignited:

“After placing the blog post about the Dovi email on our website, we approved and posted all comments that we received through late afternoon on Feb. 18, except for one that contained foul language.

Among those we posted were a long comment by Mr. Dovi and two comments by me, answering question and concerns raised by the commenters. By late afternoon, the comments were becoming very repetitive in nature. Because no new points were being added to the discussion, we felt the appropriate time had come to end it and focus on other pressing work.”

Style‘s editor-in-chief Jason Roop’s statement about the termination has elicited dozens of comments, all in support of Dovi.

We’ll keep an eye on this one.

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