PR Fail: New ‘Call of Duty’ Games Contain ‘Mass Effect’ Discs

What’s a surefire way to give your competition a leg up? Failing to deliver a highly-anticipated product as promised is a pretty good start, but you can really take it to the next level by providing a sample of your competition’s product — all at the same time. How could such a thing happen? Ask Activision, makers of the popular video game franchise Call of Duty.

Hoping to be among the first to play the new version of their favorite game, diehard Call of Duty fans lined up outside stores for the midnight release of Black Ops 2 on November 13. While such midnight releases often lead to all-night gaming binges, many purchasers of Black Ops 2 didn’t even make it past the installation process. When asked to insert disc 2 of the two-disc set, gamers were surprised (and more than a little perturbed) to find that the disc labeled “Black Ops 2” was, in fact, Mass Effect 2, a similar game released by rival company EA.

While it isn’t clear whether or not the imposter disc actually allows users to play Mass Effect 2, rumors of lawsuits have already begun to spread as the unfathomable mistake garners an unfortunate mix of frustration, confusion, and laughter. We’ll keep you posted as the story develops, but to read more (and to watch the NSFW tirade that ensues when a gamer discovers the gaffe), click here.

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