Surprise! PR Executive Ranks Among ‘Most Stressful’ Jobs for 2014



CareerCast is at it again. Two years after naming “Public Relations Executive” the 7th stressful-est job on the planet, the listings group released the latest version of its annual report designed to determine which careers correlate most directly with chronic alcoholism.

You may be shocked to learn that “Event Coordinator” and “PR Exec” each jumped one place on the top ten list—they’re now at #5 and #6, respectively.

We’ve already established the fact that such lists are totally subjective and serve primarily to start “conversations”, so let’s ask some alternate questions…

  • Why did the “median salary” for said exec drop from $91,810 to $54,170? Did we miss something, or has Bitcoin derailed the entire monetary system?
  • What’s so stressful about being a “newspaper reporter“, anyway? (Just kidding.)
  • How do corporate executives lead more stressful lives than cops? Is it because cops don’t have to travel? Please say that’s not it.
  • Where the hell are “teacher” and “nurse” and “neurosurgeon” on this list?

We’re honestly more interested in the “least stressful” lineup, which includes such illustrious titles as “hair stylist”, “seamstress”, “jeweler” and “dietitian”. We see a pattern developing here, but questions remain…

  • University professor? Really? Oh right…we missed the “tenured” part.
  • When you say hair stylist you must mean corner barber, because if you mean celebrity stylist then we’ll have to beg to differ.
  • Where will the 7% growth in the librarian field come from, exactly? And doesn’t job security relate to stress levels?
  • How does one go about becoming an audiologist? We’re asking for a friend.

Half-hearted jokes aside, we have to know what it all means. CareerCast publisher Tony Lee, who saw it coming, says:

“If your life is already filled with stress, you might want to consider a profession that offers job security, a good hiring outlook and salary but few physical demands, deadlines and danger.”

OK, we LOLed at that one.

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