PR Execs Outpace Journalists 3-to-1 in Salary…in 1958

Yesterday we learned that PR is indeed a good field with a future. Today we find that PR executives made considerable money 50 years ago–less than only veterinarians and surgeons, according to a list compiled by CareerBuilder.

Sadly, newspaper journalists made only a third of the $9,748 of PR, earning more than fast food workers but less than janitors. “Social media consultants and IT administrators weren’t job titles anyone had,” according to the introduction.

For the sake of timeline, the PRSA launched in 1948, Howard Rubenstein launched his firm in 1954, “The Sweet Smell of Success” gave us the seedy press agent Sidney Falco in 1957, and Crab Coulson of Rogers & Cowan dined with Don Draper and Roger Sterling in 1963 (“Crab, Duck, Duck, Crab”).