SEO, Content And Social Media – The 3 Important Benefits Of Digital PR [INFOGRAPHIC]

If your brand or business uses a professional public relations (PR) team, you’ll likely have noticed that the emergence of social media made two things happen: PR companies started to worry that platforms such as Twitter and Facebook were going to put them out of a job and, in response to this, the majority of PR firms cleverly rebranded themselves as social media agencies (or at the minimum offered it as a key service) seemingly overnight.
Fair play, and all that. One does what one can. But PR remains an important part of the digital marketing campaign of many businesses, and a top agency can help your brand in three key ways: SEO, content generation and, yep, social media.
This infographic takes a closer look at the 3 important benefits of digital public relations for digital marketing.

(Source: Wedu. Bullhorn image via Shutterstock.)