How NOT To Handle A PR Crisis On Twitter, Courtesy of @Progressive

Goodness. If you haven’t read about the Progressive Insurance Company’s current PR crisis, you’ll be floored by this.

And even if you did read about it yesterday, there’s SO much more to read about it today. Progressive‘s Twitter is in a sorry state, really – and the insurance giant’s “Twitter team” seems mostly unaware of just how bad this is.

To read what happened yesterday, check out this post summarizing it on our sister site or here’s the down and dirty: After denying his dead sister’s claim, Matt Fisher alleges Progressive represented her killer in court rather than pay what was owed. Twitter erupted and Progressive’s account was cut off from TwitLonger for repeatedly spamming folks with the same robotic reply.

Things have gotten worse for Progressive today – much worse.

After posting this statement:

Fisher shares this first-hand observation that makes them look like complete and total liars:

What does Progressive do? Well, it gets a little snarky in replies by tweeting “thanks for the feedback” to folks who obviously aren’t giving feedback, they’re pissed. ‘Thanking’ someone for telling you off is an Internet 101 eff you, surely Progressive’s Twitter team knows this? Beyond that, they’re back to their “saying the same thing over and over” tactic. Yikes.

Their last reply to the barrage of tweets coming at them fast and furious takes a bit of a defensive stance with a “we’ve said this already, so why do you keep asking” vibe:

Ay yi yi. The Progressive replies are so bad, one would think it’s a parody account like the one Greenpeace set up not too long ago to mock Shell. But apparently not!

Are they banking on folks forgetting about this with time – as often happens with these PR nightmares – or is this screw up one that’s built to last?

(Thumbs down image from Shutterstock)