PR Consultant Fired By Marine Corps for Mocking Military Event

Military blogger and Marine Corps. “civilian public affairs representative” Gina DiNicolo was recently fired for disparaging comments she made about a military event off the coast of Hawaii.
DiNicolo made fun of the annual “Rim of the Pacific exercise,” which consists of “38 days of nation building and joint operations off the coast of Hawaii.” Wrote DiNocolo:

SNOOZEPAC is 38 days of too many visitors gorging themselves on foreign and U.S. naval delicacies. Air assets become personal taxis transporting their fares from vessel to vessel. (Maybe that’s how it got its rep as the world’s largest floating cocktail party.)

DiNocolo said that her blog post is her own point of view and be taken separately from her work as a PR contractor. Obviously, the military thought otherwise.
One may say the situation is akin to eBay’s chief blogger bashing eBay on his personal blog. What do you think? Should DiNicolo have been fired?