PowerVoice Unites Influential Facebook Users, Brands

Social media influencers, meet brands. Brands, meet social media influencers. That's the premise behind social media marketing platform PowerVoice, which enables its users to earn money by promoting products to their friends or followers.

Social media influencers: Meet brands. Brands: Meet social media influencers. That’s the premise behind social media marketing platform PowerVoice, which enables its users to earn money by promoting products to friends.

PowerVoice launched in beta form around Thanksgiving, and it already totals more than 2,000 active users, who receive relevant offers from brands that have negotiated marketing agreements with the platform.

Those users than share the offers with their Facebook friends and Twitter followers, earning either straight fees or commissions based on how many products or services are sold as a result of their recommendations.

PowerVoice said its users are limited in terms of the number of offerings they can share each week, but there is no cap on the compensation they can earn from their posts.

The Birmingham, Mich.-based company was founded by Chief Executive Officer Ryan Landau and Chief Operating Officer Andrew Landau, who left their jobs at IBM and Google, respectively, to create PowerVoice.

The brothers said their referral network grew quickly after the beta launch of PowerVoice, with users “raising their technological hand and saying, ‘We’re willing to work with you guys,'” adding that companies were enthusiastic about the platform, as well.

They feel that the key to PowerVoice, and what differentiates it from other Facebook marketing platforms is that it allows its users to build brands and have conversations through social media, and not just sell products.

“Facebook is this really incredible ecosystem where people are spending so much time,” they said, adding that the consumer-to-consumer marketing and authentic communication powered by PowerVoice, with nothing automated, can help users to turn Facebook and other social networks into “Amazon 2.0.”

Ryan Landau added in a press release:

We are connecting some of the largest brands in the U.S. with individuals for a unique one-on-one marketing experience. As the site grows, PowerVoice will ultimately be able to utilize past data regarding social media influence and consumer buying patterns to virtually pinpoint the effectiveness of any particular campaign. By understanding individual consumer influence, PowerVoice will be able to show brands — with a high degree of accuracy — the expected outcome and value of a particular campaign before it launches.

Readers: Would you be more willing to try a product or service if you learned of it via a PowerVoice-fueled shared post from a Facebook friend?