PowerA Infrared Case Turns an iPhone Into a Universal Remote Control

YouTube video courtesy of PowerAVideos

If you talked about a PDA’s wireless feature a decade or more ago, you were probably referring to Infrared (IR). IR was used to exchange contact data, print using IR enabled printers, and, once in a while, control consumer electronics like televisions. IR, unfortunately, is slow at transferring data and has a very short range. So, hardware manufactuers started removing it in favor of Bluetooth, WiFi, and eventually, 3G. IR still works fine today, however, for controlling TVs and other media devices.

Those of you would like to control your TV with your iPhone and iPod touch may have a solution soon in the form of PowerA’s…

iPhone Universal Remote Case

iPod Touch Universal Remote Case

…products. PowerA’s press release says the infrared case has a $59.99 retail price and is available from the Apple Store starting February 23. However, I can’t find it in Apple’s online store at the moment.