Power Outage! Windows Mobile Internet Sharing & Windows 7 to the Rescue

The lights in my home flickered and UPSes starting beeping complaints for a few minutes. The, the power in my neighborhood went out. That was about 30 minutes ago. A team from the electric company just showed up and said a major fuse blew about a block away. I’m hoping power comes back up shortly. But, what to do until then? AT&T doesn’t provide tethering for my iPhone. Verizon doesn’t provide tethering for my Droid. But, wait! T-Mobile allows tethering using the HTC Touch Pro2 that I’ve been bad-mouthing for a couple of months. And, guess what, T-Mobile let Microsoft Internet Sharing app for Windows Mobile 6.1 remain on the phone. T-Mobile 3G is only available in the metro area near here. I’m on the much slower EDGE network. But, if you are reading this, T-Mobile, the Touch Pro2, and Microsoft’s Internet Sharing (which Windows 7 auto-recognized and installed drivers to use) have me back on the net for now (though a very slow net).

I’ve got the HTC Touch Pro2 connected to my Asus Eee PC T91MT netbook over a USB cable. So, the phone should be drawing power from this fully charged netbook. I’m hoping to be able to post at least two three posts this way even without power sitting in the dark.