Power Editor update: preview News Feed ads during creation, bulk import News Feed ads


Facebook is rolling out changes to Power Editor that allow advertisers to preview ads as they’re being created, instead of posting something to the page and then promoting it.

A Facebook spokesperson told Inside Facebook that advertisers will be able to preview the ad during the creation process, edit News Feed ads using Power Editor and bulk import News Feed ads:

This will impact all clients, partners and agencies who use Power Editor. This will particularly affect those who have wanted to create and preview News Feed ads within Power Editor, and later edit those ads.  In the past, since these ads were anchored to page posts, they were not changeable. With this change, advertisers can now create News Feed ads at scale, preview them during creation, edit them at any time, and bulk import/export them.

We’ve received very positive feedback on this feature during testing and expect it to drive advertiser satisfaction through more efficient ad creation and management.

We also expect that over time, it will lead to more and higher quality ads in News Feed since now it is much easier to do this at scale.

Facebook said these changes to Power Editor were made based on feedback from advertisers. The company quietly rolled these out on Sept. 4, but is aggressively scaling this capability globally over the next few weeks.

A Facebook spokesperson told Inside Facebook that the new flow will update these objectives:

  • Clicks to Website
  • Website Conversions
  • Page post engagement for photos; ads for other Page post types (e.g.  link Page post ads) should be created using the appropriate objective
  • Video View
  • App installs (previously supported)
  • App engagement (previously supported)
  • Event Responses (assuming you already have an event created from your page)

Campaigns optimized for page likes, local awareness and offer claims will not be affected by this change. Advertisers can still create the page post first, then boost the post within Power Editor, but will not be able to edit the ad in the same manner.

Facebook notes that this is a shift in the fundamental ways that News Feed ads are made. After launch, unpublished posts quickly became popular, as advertisers told Facebook that they wanted to go deeper and create variations of ads for different audiences. This is the next evolution of Facebook advertising, giving the admin or marketer more control over the ad before it is posted. These changes allow the advertiser to create a News Feed ad that is no longer anchored to a page post.

Readers: What do you think about this update?

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