Powell Peralta’s Graphic Aerials


Before Stacy Peralta made the films Dogtown and Z-Boys and Lords of Dogtown, he was a 19-year-old with long, shiny blond hair and one of the most famous skaters in the world. He was also somewhat of a brand strategy genius, seeing as his collaborations with George Powell are still some of the most popular boards, apparel and skate videos out there. After a more-than-ten year hiatus, Powell and Peralta are reissuing some products and working on a new documentary. Their website is crammed full of skating ephemera.

The Powell Peralta ads are evidence of the sport’s best (and funniest) marketing, but this graphical timeline’s got to be the coolest thing on here, with a sweet little app that shuffles through years of visuals like those lo-tech camera pans in Z-Boys. We’ll be here for hours.

Thanks to Spencer “900” Cross.