POTUS’ Smoking Cessation Strategy: Celery Sticks

Ever since Politico‘s Amie Parnes wrote in early February that FLOTUS said her husband POTUS had kicked his smoking habit for “almost” a year, we wondered how on earth he was getting through those cravings.

Big sigh of relief. WaPo’s Peter Wallsten filled us in on that and a mix of pointless and amusing details about President Obama‘s interviews as of late with local TV stations. We now know that he has been offered lemon martinis in Miami. He shockingly thinks Americans who help Mexican drug cartels ought to go to jail. He gets points for an off the cuff wardrobe malfunction remark. The Sunday story points out that this is the president’s strategy has been to target 13 local stations in battleground states.

On smoking: Forget the patch or lashing out at strangers. Celery apparently works just fine.

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