POTUS’ ‘Scary’ Black Bus Tour


A White House Pool Report by WSJ‘s Laura Meckler involving a bus with black tinted windows caused some stir earlier today.

She wrote: “Air Force One touched down in St. Paul at 10:30 a.m. CT. An all-black bus with dark tinted windows awaited Potus at the bottom of the stairs. Even from the outside, the bus is not like any normal bus. The windows are so dark (except for those next to the driver) that it does not appear to have any windows at all. There is nothing painted on it whatsoever.”

West Wing Reports had this to say about it: “Standard talking points so far as President’s ‘economic bus tour’ (in a really scary looking all-black bus) gets underway in MN.”

CBS News White House radio reporter Mark Knoller has more details on the bus. For one thing, it’s as mammoth as it is to accommodate the Secret Service. For another, the $1.1 million bus is part of a new fleet.

We reached out to WhiteHouseDossier.com’s Keith Koffler about what effect he thinks the bus might have on ordinary Minnesotans. “It’s going to cause an accident,” Koffler said. “If I saw that thing, I’d drive right off the road, get out my car, and beg the Lord for mercy.” He continued, “I fully expect Obama to get off the bus and instead of kissing babies say to them, ‘Luke, I am your father.’”

On a somewhat more serious note, he said, “It would seem, you know, not to exactly be in the populist spirit of a bus tour. It looks like it was designed by some of the best political consultants over at DARPA [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency].”



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