Potty Mouth Stories to Peruse

You may have to wash your mouth out with soap after reading these stories. But so #%@%!&@ what. The V.P.’s BFD remark has set these stories into motion.

Resident AEI Scholar Norm Ornstein writes in WaPo today about what foul mouthed used to mean for politicians. The story is dated March 28 and will appear in Sunday’s edition.

“The courtly 1960s House Speaker John McCormack, who would utter “I hold the distinguished gentleman in minimum high regard” when he became angry at a colleague.” Read it online here.

Slate’s and CBS’s John Dickerson also wrote a piece on lawmaker cussing.

On former President Jimmy Carter: “Speaking in Poland, he said ‘I want to know the Polish people,’ which was translated into Polish as, ‘I want to have carnal knowledge of the Polish people.'” Read it here.