Potty-Mouth Padma in Vanity Fair


Nancy Jo Sales has the Padma Lakshmi story in VF, but overstates things a wee bit:

How amazing was it that she, the daughter of a single mother who fled India to escape the stigma of divorce, was poised to become the first Indian woman with an American brand—perhaps the first to self-brand. “I’m as American as anyone else,” she has said.

Susie Coehlo, who’s also Indian/American, has Padma beat by quite a few years.

And then there’s this:

the many contradictions in its author, such as: she’s an educated woman–with a B.A. in theater arts from Clark University, in Worcester, Massachusetts, 1992–who swears freely: “Finishing the fucking book was like being in labor for two years!”

What planet is Sales on–the nun planet? (And since when does a degree from Clark impress anyone at Vanity Fair?)

Oh, and Padma? You didn’t get death threats for your writing, so pipe down.

(Photograph by Alexi Lubomirski)