Pottermore now Offering Early Beta Access

When J.K.Rowling’s new website launched a few weeks back, the press release promised that a limited number of fans would be granted early access to the site. Pottermore isn’t due to launch until October, but a contest  was started on Sunday to let people win that early access.

The contest is called Find The Magic Quill, and it’s fairly simple. A new trivia question will be posted every day this week on Pottermore, and the first few who find the answer and append it to the website address quill.pottermore.com/ will get a chance to sign up for Pottermore.

The triva questions are posted once a day but they’re not posted at the same time everyday.

It’s not clear how many fans the site will accept,but given the size of the Harry Potter fanbase it won’t be more than a tithe. Good luck with trying to win the contest; the Pottemore website has been so busy these past couple days that it has been inaccessible at times.